FIC- Fund of Investment in Construction

Open tourism real estate fund corporation with Turisistem integrated tourism, real estate, environment, social and economic development system:

1) Construction, purchase or exchange of property with depreciated value for Funsistem stock.

2) User of the property pays usage, maintenance and/or developing real estate fee deductible or not from municipal property tax.

3) Turisistem participates in bidding for the purchase, development and/or maintenance of public roads and parks.

4) Turisistem develops integrated system of tourism, roads, transportation, parks, hotels, residences, commerce and services.

5) Suppliers/workers are totally or partially paid with stock and/or stock options of the diversified tourism real estate fund.

6) Citizens, owners, users and/or shareholders benefit from property valuation, environment valuation, tourism valuation, dividends, liquidity, portfolio diversification, risk reduction and capital gains.
FUNSISTEM-Tourism Real Estate Construction and Development Investment Fund System.
FIC- Fund of Investment in Construction.