Lon Gcity
Lon Ocity (Oceanic)
Lon Tcity (Terrestrial)
Lon Acity (Aerial)
Lon Ucity (Underground)
Lon Scity (Spacial)

London bridge-park residential-office-shopping university campus art-tech hub connecting shores of Thames, reproducing the ancient Colossus of Rhodes (or other figure) as central pillar, two close to shore office-residential building pillars and horizontal shopping-residential units.

The bridge is for pedestrians, bikes and electric or zero pollution terra-aqua-aero vehicles only, with aquaports at water base and aeropads at top bases. Build with Sandaeroblock lighter-than-air carbon-hydrogen modular technology. Sandaerotrain also connect both sides and beyond.

Financed by sale/rental of premium units at market value, sale of shares and sale/rental of commercial-residential units in exchange for art-tech start-up shares, forming Thames Colossus Art-Tech Fund (Real Estate + Art-tech enterprise share Fund with monthly dividends from 100% income distribution).