LV Gcity
LV Ocity (Oceanic)
LV Tcity (Terrestrial)
LV Acity (Aerial)
LV Ucity (Underground)
LV Scity (Spacial)
AEROTRAIN: non-cabled and/or cabled water-electric aqua-solar airship connecting Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, Las Vegas. Residential-commercial tower units with water, electric and wireless/fiber communication network. Local integration connection between airport, university, monorail/tram systems, strip and downtown.
LVIAS: Incorporate all city themed/decorated streets, parks, sidewalks and public places. Shares distributed to city property owners with monthly dividends from 100% profit distribution. Revenues from digital street auto tolling/parking/servicing, advertising and park/street/passage retail kiosk renting.
VEGAS OASIS: Streets/canals/real estate summer/autumn flash flood water reservoirs to end flooding. It will feed earth/aeroponic/hydroponic hybrid dense natural/artificial trees/flowers/gardens on sidewalks, street divides, suspended on Aerotrain towers, monorail/tram pillars/tracks.
SPACELAND: Space theme park-hotel, competitive gaming and space launching.
Low cost and high performance multi-modular multi-propeller aero space craft.
SURFLAND: Surf beach theme park-hotel, competitive gaming and wave ocean-pool. Wave machine, wave lanes, white sand beach and tropical bungalows.
GREENLAND: Green forest theme park-hotel, competitive gaming and art-tech university campus. Global incubator of start-ups for art-tech entrepreneurs.
SHOWLAND: Sport, music, cinema theme park-hotel, competitive gaming, arena and mega-cine. Football/shows field, giant internal/external seats and screens.